This computer is a little Sun IPX mounted in the rafters of the garage. It serves as a server for the DSL line that feeds the house LAN.



 The Sun IPX was a popular unix workstation in the early nineties. Now days it is obsolete, about equivalent to a 486. It came in a nice square top case that was small and cute, which I think contributes to most of its continued popularity today.

 This IPX has been upgraded with a mid-90's 4 gig harddrive. The speed of the harddrive is not apparent, though, because the scsi interface on an IPX supports only the original synchronous scsi-1 protocol, which is limited to 5 MB/s. In addition, if you are viewing this site over the internet, then the speed of the house's DSL's upchannel is another bottleneck: 16K/s isn't much with which to run a web site.

 The original operating system for an IPX was, of course, Solaris, but since I prefer linux this IPX is running that.

 Some reference information on the IPX: pinouts.

 Another IPX fan.